Aluminum Plate

Our extensive range of aluminum plate options spans from .250 to 6” thickness, featuring the highly sought-after 6061 and 5052 alloys. Available in Mill Finish and offered in both H32 and T651 tempers, these plates are designed to meet diverse industry demands. With common widths of 48.5”, 60.5”, and 72.5”, we provide versatile solutions that cater to a wide spectrum of applications.

  • .250 to 6”
  • 6061 and 5052
  • Mill Finish in H32 and T651 Tempers
  • Common widths of 48.5”, 60.5” and 72.5”

Aluminum Plate Applications

In various machine shops, aluminum plate is crucial for molds and fixtures. Commonly found in the semiconductor, aerospace, defense, and truck trailer industries, as well as structural applications, these plates offer durability and performance in demanding environments.

Aluminum Plate Product Processing Services

Our commitment to meeting specific industry needs extends to providing comprehensive Aluminum Plate Product Processing Services. Leveraging our extensive network, we offer services such as laser cutting, waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, saw cutting, and milling, ensuring that our clients receive not just high-quality plates, but also tailored solutions that meet their unique requirements.

The WCAS Difference

When you partner with WCAS, not only will you access Southern California’s top grade aluminum plate; you’re also accessing a reliable collaborator dedicated to your success. Explore our impressive inventory of flat aluminum products and experience the WCAS difference.

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