Stainless Round Bar

Access a diverse selection of stainless steel round bars at WCAS, featuring commonly stocked grades like 303, 304, and 316. Additionally, we source high-quality alloys such as 15-5, 17-4, 410, 416, 440C, 321, 347, 630, 420, 422 H&T, 2205/2207, and XM-19.

Key Specifications:

  • Stainless Steel Round Bar Grades: 303, 304, 316, and a variety of specialized alloys.
  • Stainless Round Bar Size: Ranging from 1/8” to 20”.

Applications & Industries

Our stainless steel round bar is available in common grades like 303, 304, and 316, with access to harder-to-find alloys. We cater to diverse industries, including machine shops, oil and gas, and pump and valve manufacturers.

Superior Processing Services

WCAS goes beyond supplying top-quality products by offering specialized processing services through our extensive network. Our services include precise saw cutting to length, bar polishing, and centerless grinding. Inquire for more information about how we can customize your round bar to suit your specific project needs.

Let West Coast Aluminum & Stainless be your preferred partner for all of your stainless steel round bar demands. Where quality, precision, and accessibility come together seamlessly, you can trust us to deliver excellence in every round bar we supply.

The WCAS Difference

When you partner with WCAS, not only will you access Southern California’s top grade stainless steel round bar; you’re also accessing a reliable collaborator dedicated to your success. Explore our impressive inventory of stainless round bar, and experience the WCAS difference.

For inquiries, quotes, or more information, reach out to us directly by sending an email to, or calling (626) 582-8968.